Laser Frenectomy

CO2 Laser Procedure to Correct Tongue Tie

What is a Frenectomy?

A Frenectomy is a tongue-tie and lip-tie corrective laser surgery. A pronounced tongue-tie or lip-tie can create serious problems while breastfeeding. A frenectomy corrects the problem and allows normal movement while nursing. 

Problems with Breastfeeding

This video goes over why breastfeeding difficulties may occur due to infant factors. Tongue-tie and upper lip-tie may lead to ineffective breastfeeding which can be easily and quickly corrected without sedation.

Precise Lasers

Lasers are very precise in where they cut tissue. This allows for a fast and pleasant tongue tie or lip tie correction. 

Fast Procedure

We can perform the Frenectomy in our office, and without the need of general anesthesia. 

Reduced Risks

CO2 Lasers drastically reduce the risk of bleeding because the laser energy cauterizes as it cuts. Lasers are also completely sterile which reduces the risk of infections.

Fast Recovery

Your child will not need a shot and could be nursing minutes after the Frenectomy procedure.

Frenectomy Laser

CO2 Laser

  • Lasers are very precise in where they cut tissue. Leaving important anatomical landmarks alone.
  • Risk of bleeding significantly reduced. Laser energy can stop bleeding.
  • Risk of infection greatly diminished. Laser energy is sterile.
  • No shots are needed. We would have your child nurse within minutes.
  • Performed easily in-office; bypassing hospital fees and general anesthesia, allowing the baby to return to mom within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Laser Frenectomy Surgery

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